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Environment and economy do not have to be competing priorities. We agree with the need for clean fuel, but the right balance must be struck. With the right tools, Canada’s clean fuel policy and the ensuing Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) can achieve their environmental objective while recognizing and encouraging Canadian competitiveness, and affordability.

Our Mission

On behalf of Canadian businesses and everyday Canadians, Fuelling Canada’s Future aims to foster an open dialogue between industry and decision-makers and, to encourage the government to deliver on its commitment to undertake a comprehensive review and economic analysis of the CFS’ potential impact and make the necessary changes before moving further forward.



To date there has been very little independent research conducted on the potential economic impacts of CFS. More evidence is needed to understand how CFS can harm economy and what should be done to eliminate the risks for our businesses.  In July the C.D. Howe Institute published a report, titled “Ottawa Should Drive Slowly on Clean Fuel Standards,” which concluded:

“The federal government has released neither a clear rationale for the proposal nor an economic costing of it. Before proceeding with the plan, Ottawa should make it clear why Canada needs a CFS in addition to a price on emissions. In the absence of such a clear case, Ottawa should slow down on its CFS plan.”

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